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Where Did Tall Timber Resources Begin?

Tall Timber Resources was started by Founder Justin Firth and his expert team in early 2014. We immediately captured the attention of Alberta’s forestry sector and began growing our little company into the successful entity it is today.

Our Core Values Define Who We Are.

Tall Timber Resources’ singular goal is to offer high quality work in a safe and efficient manner. As proven by our many successful projects with valued clients who we were and continue to be fortunate enough to work with.

We're Extremely Proud Of Our Team

Tall Timber Resources boasts one of the industries strongest consultancy teams, built on a solid foundation of education and experience that continues to grow and adapt to the changes within Alberta’s Forestry environment.

Our Mission Is To Strive For Quality, Rather Than Quantity.

Tall Timber Resources Inc. believes in Quality over Quantity. It’s better to have high quality work performed in a safe and efficient manner, whether it be forest inventory, laying out blocks for harvest, stand tending or other forestry related work.

Tall Timber Resources Inc. takes a proactive approach to offer a diverse range of reliable forest services to our clients and the community. This is achieved through awareness of the latest standards in forest safety, policies, communication, technologies, and by the desire of the owner and employees to exceed these standards in all areas of the company’s operations.

Everyone is responsible for health and safety. Everyone must comply with all legislative and regulatory standards that apply to the work this company completes. Furthermore, everyone who works for this organization has specific responsibilities to improve health and safety.

Our health and safety program can only excel when everyone cooperates and communicates. We will work to carry out health and safety activities for the benefit of our workers, clients, and the community.

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"I Loved My Time Working With Tall Timber Resources

” I have worked for Tall Timber Resources and let me tell you, with a small company feel, you are not just a number. The boss really gets to know you and is working alongside you in the field. The equipment is brand new which is a nice feeling being deep in the bush knowing that it will always get you home. The availability of the crew houses is nice since you are not always in and out of a hotel. The varying spectrums of work is always nice so you aren’t always stuck on the same project.”

– Tyler

Previous Employee



"You Can Expect A Strong Team Atmosphere With TTR

” I’ve had the pleasure to work for Tall Timber Resources throughout the years on numerous small- and large-scale projects. My time spent working with Tall Timber Resources consisted of completing inventory surveys for both government, and local mills with focus primarily around Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) and Temporary Sample Plots (TSPs). Working on these projects provided me numerous skills and traits that have further strengthened my career and has allowed me to become a more well-rounded technician.”

– Matthew Roach

Previous Employee