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Inventory projects are a large part of the work that Tall Timber Resources Inc. performs. Forest inventory data collections are the primary information source for forest management. Data is collected, including tree ages, volume of wood (by collecting tree height and diameter), species type and health, using consistent standards and procedures. These programs allow mills to determine the growth and yield of their forests within their Forest Management Areas.

Operational-level forest inventories are often calibrated with field-sampled measurements and are used to develop location-specific information required for harvest planning, road layout, and silvicultural activities. At the strategic level, forest inventories provide data for longer-term forest management, analysis, and decision-making.

Some Inventory Programs Tall Timber Resources has been a part of are:

Permanent Sample Plots (PSP)

Temporary Sample Plots (TSP)

Regenerated Gain Trials (RGT)

Regenerated Lodgepole Pine Surveys (RLP)

Dynamic Aspen Density Experiment (DADE)

Crop Plan Surveys

MacKay Thinning Experiment

Swan Lake Thinning Experiment

Mountain Pine Beetle Surveys

Rare Pine Surveys

Some skills employees have, to complete such work are:

Measuring tree heights

Tree and plant identification

Identifying tree insects and diseases

Measuring tree diameters

Ecosite classification

Collection of aspect, slope and topography

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