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Under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) and the Conservation and Reclamation Regulations, companies have a duty to:

Reduce land disturbance

Clean up contamination (known as remediation)

Salvage, store, and replace soil

Revegetate the area

What Are We Doing?

The reclamation process can take many years or even decades, depending on how the land functioned before it was disturbed—for example, whether it was forested land, native grassland, peat land, or farm land—and the amount of soil disturbance.

Tall Timber Resources Inc. has helped with erosion control of roads and erosion control near water bodies. Erosion control is implemented on newly built roads and reclaimed roads to minimize eroding of soils and siltation of creeks.  There are numerous types of erosion control devices that are used.  Stein logs, which are straw filled socks that decrease water flow, are placed in ditches or slopes adjacent to creeks.  Jute, a sisal mesh that is laid down to hold grass seed and soils from washing away.  Straw blankets, which are placed on steep slopes to aid in grass germination and stabilize slopes.  Silt fence, which is placed near disturbed soils along water bodies to prevent silt from entering and silting up the water body. All barred soil areas are seeded with an approved forestry seed mix.  Then one or more of the erosion control devices above will be installed. Tall Timber Resources Inc. has experience choosing the proper control devices and the installation of them all.

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