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Silviculture is the branch of Forestry that deals with establishing, caring for and reproducing stands of trees. The province uses a Silviculture Survey system to measure reforestation success. This program integrates specific harvesting, regeneration and stand tending methods to achieve a predictable yield of benefits from the stand over time, with the goal of ensuring that most available growing space is filled with useful vegetation for as long as possible. Once a stand is harvested, it will be site prepped and planted. It is important to monitor the stand to ensure it achieves target density and species composition.

The Reforestation Standard of Alberta (RSA) provides the standards and procedures to access the level of reforestation success in managed stands after harvest. Establishment Surveys are conducted to ensure strata stocking standards and minimum height standards are met by year 8 post harvest. If a block is not meeting these standards, other tending measures may occur, such as fill plants and/or herbicide treatment. Performance Surveys are conducted after year eight to ensure strata stocking standards and minimum height standards are met and that coniferous species are free-to-grow (FTG) by year 14. Pre-Commercial Thinning treatments may be done to allow the coniferous crop tree to be free from deciduous trees and shrubs, allowing room to grow. Once a block has passed these surveys, they can become what is known as free-to-grow and are put back into the long-term managing plan.

Some Silviculture Programs Tall Timber Resources has been a part of are:

Establishment Surveys

Performance Surveys

Stocking Surveys

Survival Surveys

Pre-Commercial Thinning

Tree Planting Checks


Some skills employees have, to complete such work are:

Tree and plant identification

Identifying tree insects and diseases

Measuring tree heights

Measuring tree diameters

Stream classification

Power saw operation

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