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Forest engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the management of forest lands. This includes working to ensure the health and sustainability of wild lands, timberlands, and watersheds while allowing for such economic activities as timber harvesting and recreational use.

Key targets when planning to harvest a block are:

Ensure legislation is followed

Make efficient use of the forest resources that are managed

Avoid environmental impacts such as rutting, slumping, improper crossing use etc.

Protect high risk areas such as protected historical resources, riparian areas, private land, wildlife habitat etc.

Some Engineering projects Tall Timber Resources Inc. has been involved in are:

Block Layout

Road Layout

Creek Buffering

Some skills employees have, to complete such work are:

Stream Classification

Identifying wildlife structures (dens, mineral licks/springs, nests)

Identifying evasive plant or pest species

Recommendation of creek crossings

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